In short, PathWorks provides topnotch service to its clients and candidates. We are highly selective in choosing our clients and the candidates we match them with. As recruiters, we are client and candidate-focused and provide superior customer service.  We’re engaged.  We’re responsive. And we turn around on a dime.

Whether employers are looking for Permanent or Contract employees, there are a number of things we can do to make it as smooth and painless a process as possible.

We’re committed to providing our clients with quality service and we take each client’s needs seriously and tailor our services to meet those precise needs.

Employers Services
We know and understand the importance of finding the right person for the job.  We also know the consequences when that doesn’t happen.

So, we don’t let it happen.


Because we are prepared – we know our clients and we know our candidates. We also make a point of knowing what is going on—not only in our client’s business but in businesses they compete with.  We look at the big picture and don’t try to create matches where they don’t exist.

We know—from experience—that finding the right match takes time, research and experience.  We also know it’s worth doing right—for everyone concerned.

Throughout the process – we will

  • Source candidates
  • Review resumes
  • Screen candidates
  • Make recommendations
  • Check references
  • Assist with onboarding
  • Provide exit interviews

Candidate Services
We treat our candidates as people, not as commodities.

We don’t force a bad fit, just to meet a deadline or “get paid”.  We consider what the best role is for the job seeker.  We take the time to figure out what they are looking for in a career and then find the best company and organizational culture for them.  We know how stressful a career transition can be.  We take everything into account when helping a job seeker find their new position or career –including family, geography, organizational culture, growth opportunities and personal preferences.   We take pride in the long-term relationships we have with the people we place.  We stay in touch and know how they are adjusting to their new job.

Why?  Because we care about them—and it makes us better at what we do.
We can help you with:

  • Resume enhancements
  • Interview coaching for a variety of interviews:
  • Structured interviews
  • Panel interviews
  • Phone interviews
  • Stress interviews
  • Case study interviews
  • Role play interviews