Changing careers can be a challenge, but Craig Fisher offers some sage advice for those looking to transition into another area. Here are Craig’s tips on how to make a career change:

1.  Look at adjacent/complimentary industries: This way you can apply your existing skill set vs. learning a completely new one.

2. List other things you do as ‘jobs’:  Are you on a board? Do you volunteer? If so, list these as you would work experiences.

3.  Start a project online: Creating an online presence in the area of your interest can help you get noticed.

4. Start an industry blog: Post and re-post articles related to the industry you’re targeting and feel free to blog about your job search progress; recruiters and employers are likely to take notice.

5. Focus, focus, focus: Figure out what you love to do, and what you’ve been paid to do and see if there’s an overlap… that could be your new career.

Finally, like any job search, you have to be dedicated and invest the time to research organizations, network and put yourself out there.

Check out Craig’s full article here and good luck in your job search.




Craig Fisher helps companies and people find things and get found. He’s a speaker, trainer, and global consultant on workforce marketing, employer branding and social media strategy. Follow Craig on Twitter – he always has interesting things to say.

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